Winging It With DMC Embroidery

Am I the only one who suffers from “I Want To Make All The Things” Syndrome? This is very real right? I have wanted to give embroidery a try for so long now but never had the time or when I did have the time it felt overwhelming. You have seen all those amazing embroidery creations on Instagram right? Intimidating! When The Craft Yarn Council asked me to be part of Wing It! I just KNEW this was the time! Perfect time in fact.



I had this incredibly beginner friendly kit that DMC had gifted me about a year ago sitting on my desk. I looked at it often thinking I would give it a go but never did. It was pretty with shiny thread and who doesn’t love cactus? Yet for some reason the word embroidery was intimidating. WHY? I cannot tell you but such was the case. As part of Wing It! I was to do just that… try something new without much plan and Wing It.

And compete the project THAT day! No pressure lol.


Sure you can say using a “kit” is not really Winging It, but I did go off course and change up the pattern as I went. I decided to fill in the leaves and googled how to do that, instead of leaving them outlined. Truth be told, I didn’t really do what google said either but I LOVE how it came out!


I think my favorite thing about this kit is that it makes embroidery less intimidating. Less scary. The magic paper literally just disintegrated as I soaked the project and the thread work itself stayed in tact. TOTAL MAGIC! Yes, I was a bit apprehensive about his part of the process. But really - I had so much fun and in just 3 easy steps voila - a very awesome personalized project bag. And yes - now I want to embroider ALL THE THINGS.

The folks at DMC are so generous that not only did they send prizes for the raffles at Stitch Up Chicago but want you to get in on the embroidery action to. Use code STITCHUP10 for 10% off any kit or embroidery item on the DMC site thru 4/30/19 - so get yourself a Magic Paper Kit and stitch on!