Talitha Kuomi And The Break Up Knits

Some knitters - it is like an instant connection. You meet them and you know you are with kindred people. That is how I felt when I met Talitha Kuomi in person finally at VKL in New York 2 years ago. She was at the Steven Be booth and the minute we met it was instant - MY PEOPLE! She was not just helping in the booth but showing off her Depth Hat - which for people like me afraid of pooling is GENIUS! this hat with the right yarn works up like a charm. So when Talitha told me she had a new book coming out of knit designs - I was ALL ABOUT IT! It’s Not me, It’s You is full of beautiful words, stylish photos and fantastic knit designs. Could you ask for more? Scroll down to win a signed copy too!


I have always been a fan of Talitha’s artistic freedom. She celebrates art in not just stitches but with words and paints and in all aspects. If you follow her on Instagram you already know this. I am blown away by her clear point of view and style. This book, this collection of knits is no different. Two standouts for me are the Trainwreck Skirt and the Misread Scarf.

I cannot love this scarf enough. Did you hear me? I LOVE THIS SCARF!! I love the design. I love the shape. I love the construction. As a newer knitter I am not afraid of it. Normally an odd or new shape gives me pause but this one makes me want to dive right in! With the right yarn choices this will be your new favorite spring accessory.

The Train Wreck Skirt is another standout for me. The construction is not too intimidating (yay) and truthfully until I saw this design, I had never considered knitting or crocheting myself a skirt. Can you believe that? Now when I look at this I am like.. YES!!! This skirt and a pair of knee high boots and I am ready to ROCK! The design is a bit intimifdating at first but Talitha lays out the pattern clearly and is always available to help in her Ravelry group.

I am so excited to celebrate Talith’as new accomplishments with this book. She is right: Break Ups are never easy so let us knit our way through those rough days to creating beautiful objects we can celebrate! And now you can enter here to win a copy of your very own It’s Not Me, It’s You and get started on these fabulous designs. Also scroll down to see Tal’s hilarious fun interview with Kristy Glass.