Chunky Ribbed Crochet Ski Beanie Free Pattern

I love the look of ribbed knit beanies. Achieving that look with crochet is quite simple with a few tips and tricks. Here is my chunky ribbed hat which is fabulous either slouchy style or folded brim like a traditional ski hat. These work up super fast and are fabulous for gifts! Make one in all your favorite color combos.



Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick - 1 Skein
Furls Crochet Hook Size N/P - 10mm
Clover Large Pom Pom Maker
Large Quilting Needle to finish

Stitches Used / Abbreviations:
ch - Chain
fsc - Foundation Single Crochet
sc - Single Crochet
sl st - Slip Stitch

This hat is made in rows and then “drawn” together with a drawstring effect when the body is complete. So keep that in mind if things look “off” you will want to keep going!
When “seaming” up the side, be sure to go into the back loop to continue the ribbed effect

Instructions are for adult size - approx. 21” brim


Row 1: 26 fsc, Turn.

Row 2: Ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), 21 sc across in the back loop only, sl st in the back loop only for the remaining 5 fsc, TURN

Row 3: Ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), 26 sc across in the back loop only, TURN

Repeat Rows 2-3 to about 18” at the bottom of the wider side.
Be sure to END ON A ROW 3.

Fasten off leaving extremely long tail (about 20 inches)


Finishing & Assembly:
Place the body flat so that the ribbed rows are lengthwise
Using tapestry needle, seam the sides together using the back loops ONLY until you reach the top
Using same remaining tail, thread back and forth across the top of the open hat peak then pull tight to close.
Fasten off, weave in end
See my Hat Closing Tutorial Here 

***Use your pom pom maker to add a pop pom for a fun effect ***

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