PreGame Yarn Fun At Nina Chicago

You had me at yarn. Throw in chef prepared snacks, great people AND a discount? Yeah I am all about it! For our third year in a row, we kicked off Stitch Up Chicago with a little pre-game action at Nina Chicago and it was magnificent!

This was so special because Hilary, the fabulous owner of Nina Chicago went all out. The snacks were divine. I mean there is a reason I spent most of the afternoon lingering in the back of the shop (near the food). It was so great to shop, enjoy each other and settle in before the fiber mayhem of Stitch Up Chicago began. The smiles abound I tell you! Again: Yarn shopping and snacks… need I say more?


Personally I love shopping at Nina Chicago. They have a fabulous selection of fibers: all the Backyard Fiber you ever need. I love their collection of fibers but their notions and trinkets are unmatched!


As Stitch Up Chicago has grown so has the pre-game hang at Nina Chicago. We had more people this year than the last 2 years combined and it was magical! Honestly - I did not even get to sit and get a single stitch in. But it was fabulous and worth it to see all those smiles. I noticed quite a few getting in on the shopping action too and taking advantage of Nina Chicago amazing selection of fibers.

Truly the perfect pregame. Can’t wait to do it again next year in their new location! Yep - that is right - Nina Chicago is moving at the end of May. It will be both exciting and sad to say goodbye to this location. Where we have had out Stitch Up Chicago pre-game tea, snacks & shopping since the first year.

As a gift to all of you - mention this blog post for a special discount at Nina Chicago until they close at this location May 23rd. Get in on the action and grab some yummy yarn.