Wind 'Em Up! My Yarn Winding DIY Swift

As I started to work with more high end fibers I started to need a better yarn management system. Mostly because they come in hanks not skeins and without winding them I would end up with a mess. I realized very quickly I would need a yarn winder and a yarn swift. But Yarn Swifts are not cheap!

I had always loved the look of wooden Swifts for yarn but couldn't afford one nor did I have the space for one to be mounted. I mean $40-$120 is pretty steep when you are starting out. It also isn't efficient for me space wise. My studio is small. A magnificent swift would have to remain a "someday" not a solution to the current need.

As I started to look around I didn't find anything that fit my studio needs. My studio is lined with cubby shelves (more on that later when we talk storage and workspace efficiency) and since I also use these shelves for my booth at the One Of A Kind Show in Chicago, I couldn't permanently mount a swift to them.

So we took a ride to home Depot and about $12 later I had my very own perfect yarn winder. As time went on and my business grew I upgraded the hand crank to an electric winder I purchased online. But my $12 makeshift swift is still in place and works like a charm. Photos below in case you want to build your own.

If you want to splurge and get a yarn swift, this one from Knit Picks gets rave reviews but I have not personally used it.