A Creative Friendship Story

This is a cool story:

I've known Sabina at Crochet Gallery for many years - since she started her shop I believe. I was looking for a triangle scarf for myself on Etsy and that is how I discovered her shop. I hate making things for myself, so I am more than happy to support another artisan to make something for me.  Since then, I have commissioned work for myself, and occasionally for my customers as well, and over the years we've enjoyed chatting about yarn and growing our businesses. Over time we have become friends; but we've never "met" in person.

Last week, Sabina posted about having s'mores on Instagram. I commented: "I want crochet & s'mores" and then she replied "come on down".

I thought about it and ...  it is slow season, I can crochet anywhere, I mean... why not! Since I was about to take a road trip anyway, I decided to change my plans and leave the next day. Once I reached her general area, I sent an email: "want to have s'mores tomorrow?" The reply was funny because even though we'd never "met" I could imagine her as she typed it. It read: "Seriously?"

I said sure... and a few emails later, just like that, the next day we were two old (and new friends) hanging out bonding over s'mores, crochet and yarn. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the awesome fire pit .

Sabina welcomed me and it was instant connection. We laughed, traded stories and she even made home cooked curry and a Bosnian bread for us to enjoy. (The woman is a dynamo and does it ALL). Oh, and yes, s'mores did indeed happen for dessert!

The next morning we enjoyed coffee, more laughs and she even taught me how to knit - which I've been wanting to work on and learn for so long. That was a huge bonus!

It was probably one of the best ideas I have ever had and so much fun in a short time. The time visiting flew by in fact. It was as if we'd always been friends, which we kind of have. Sabina is amazing and it was a blast hanging out.

I will always be grateful for the way we connected so many years ago and love the way this craft world really brings people together.   💖🌺🌷