Red Heart & Moogly Bring The Awesome To Chicago!

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Yes… yes… I am STILL talking about Stitch Up Chicago! Why? BECAUSE IT WAS SO AWESOME I CANNOT HANDLE IT - nor can it all fit into a single post. Truly! This year in particular was super special. Not only was it the third year of Stitch Up Chicago, but I was able to partner with Red Heart Yarn for the first time and my dear friend Tamara of Moogly for a crochet workshop that was like none other.


The first part of the workshop was the very special Red Heart Yarn Tasting. Red Heart generously sent a sample of ALL of their yarns. WHAT??? YES!!! All of their yarns. No more questions about if a yarn you saw will work for your next project. Now attendees got to try out the yarns. Swatch them. Take the swatches home and block them. TRULY TASTE THE YARNS! And Tamara was able to share information and knowledge about them and tips and tricks. I learned so much - seriously I had no idea some of these yarns even existed! So many of the attendees had the same response and were excited to discover new fibers.

I mean - discovering new fibers is MY JAM!


After the Yarn Tasting, Tamara handed out kits for everyone to make her lovely Artfully Simply Cowl. Oh yes… everyone got the yarn, the hook, the pattern and Tamara herself to walk us through this beautiful design. THANK YOU RED HEART! It was fantastic and fun and we stitched, and laughed and I love seeing the completed cowls popping up on instagram too.

The beautiful thing about this cowl pattern is that it can be made into your own custom style in so many ways. It was great for beginners and even the most experienced crocheters had a good time making it their own!

I am so grateful to Red Heart for supporting this community and sponsoring Stitch Up Chicago. It was such a pleasure to work with them and I hope you see more from us in the future! Now that I have discovered so many of their yarn you can bet you will see more of them on the blog in coming months!