Everyone Gets Tacos. Everyone Gets Kits. A KnitCrate Fiesta!

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I was beyond excited when KnitCrate wanted to be part of Stitch Up Chicago this year. I love everything about KnitCrate as a company, their ethos and the team that runs the ship. We wanted to feature KnitCrate in a way that was both authentic to their brand and the perfect fit for Stitch Up Chicago as a community. Then the idea hit me: TACOS & KITS! Everyone gets Tacos. Everyone gets a KnitCrate Kit! And it was a smashing success!


The beautiful treasure that many do not know about KnitCrate is that each month not only do you get a magic box of yarn delivered to your door, but it comes with so much more. Each box includes a knitting AND crochet pattern for inspiration. You can get more of the yarn if you really like it on the KnitCrate site and make something extra fabulous.

A super fun bonus at the KnitCrate Tacos & Kits Party was that it was my dear friend Kristy Glass’ 40th birthday. So a bit of an impromptu party and cupcakes gave me and Kristy a chance to be super extra and play Oprah and tell everyone “you get a cupcake, You get a cupcake and YOU get a cupcake”. I love being extra!


It was so cool at Stitch Up Chicago for everyone to learn about KnitCrate. They even got a chance to meet Rob, the owner and to truly see what the company is about and how much they invest into our community. It is why I am so honored they supported Stitch Up Chicago! As a company, their ethos is around customers and community. They respect designers and really understand it is not just about selling yarn and subscriptions. It is about building a community. Gah.. ALL THE FEELS! Everyone had a blast and I know several who are now KnitCrate subscribers. So much awesomeness. Cannot wait to do Tacos & Kits again in Brooklyn!