Trailblazer Men's Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

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My favorite thing about one skein crochet beanie hats is that they can be classic and stylish and still be somewhat simplistic in design. No need to go all crazy - just a few classic stitches with my own twist and BAM! A fabulous hat is born. That is how the Trail Blazer Free Crochet Pattern came about. I wanted a hat that could be gender neutral and would work up quickly for gifts in busy season.


I chose Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick for this pattern because it is chunky but not bulky and being an acrylic - it can handle some wear and tear of the winter season. I also really love the sheen this yarn has.

Supply List:
Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick Yarn (1 skein)
Crochet Hook Size N/P 10mm - I used my Furls Hook and LOVED it
Large needle to weave ends
Removable Stitchmarker
Pom Pom Maker (optional but who doesn't love a pom pom)


Stitches Used / Abbreviations (US Terms):
ch - Chain
sc - Single Crochet
hdc – Half Double Crochet
sl st – slip stitch

Gauge: 6 hdc x 4 rows = 4”
Finished Size: 20” circumference

You will be working in the round creating a continuous spiral effect. 
DO NOT Sl St to join Rounds after Round 1.

TIP: Place your removable stitch marker in the first stitch of each of the rounds. This will help keep you on track and be able to identify the beginning of the round. When you encounter the marked stitch on successive rounds, remove the marker, work the first stitch of the next round, then replace the marker in this new first stitch of the round.

Start with a magic loop. If you do not know how to do a magic loop you can chain 3 and slip stitch together to form a chain circle. Either in your magic loop or your chain circle:

Round 1: Ch 2 (acts as first hdc), 10 hdc, sl st to top of ch 2 to join and complete Round.  
Total for Round 1 is 11 hdc (including ch 2)

Round 2: Sc into top of ch 2, hdc in same, work 2 hdc in each st working in back loop only, all way around.  Total for Round 2 is 22 sts (1 sc, 21 hdc)

Round 3: 2 hdc in sc working in back loop only, * hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st* working in back loop only, repeat * to * all way around to last st, hdc in last st. Total for Round 3 is 33 hdc

Rounds 4-11: Hdc in each st around, working in back loop only.  Total for Each Round is 33 hdc

 Round 12: Loosely sc all way around, sl st to first sc.  Total for Row is 33 sc

Fasten off and weave in ends.