Remnants Rope Scarf - FREE Pattern

What to do with the leftovers is always a question.   As a bit of a yarn addict, I understandnot wanting to throw away perfectly good yarn. One day, I found myself staring at my pile of leftover scrap yarn and knew I had to develop a plan.    

Scrap Yarn Pile
Scrap Yarn Pile

So I present to you the Remnant Rope Scarf. A great pattern for your leftover yarn, or to create intentionally with new yarn. 




Supply List:
Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (your colors) - or any remnant chunky yarn
Crochet Hook Size P & N Large needle to weave ends

Stitches Used / Abbreviations:
ch – chain loop dc – double crochet

Step 1 – Create the Ropes:

Using your P Hook, chain 104 then tie ends together securely & cut excess Create 6 of these “ropes”, 2 in each color.

Step 2 – Create the Binding:

Using your N Hook, Chain 10, then pinch, turn and chain 2 Row 1: Reaching back into the 10th chain loop where you pinched, insert  hook and begin row of DC total 10 DC including your ch2 Row 2: Turn, Chain 2 then DC to end of row total 10 DC including your ch2

Fasten off leaving at least 4 inches of excess yarn ***for a wider binding, add a third row by repeating the steps in Row 2

Your binding will look like this sample



Step 3 – Attach the Ropes To the Binding:

Thread the excess yarn from the binding to your quilting needle Place each of the rope chains on the binding (right side out) with the knots at the center Weave the needle through each rope in the chain right next to the knot and then back to the binding as shown here

Fold over the binding flap to cover the ropes once they are all woven in Place the needle with the yarn through the folded over binding and fasten together. Then Fasten off and weave in end

Use the other strand of yarn from the beginning of the binding to whipstitch the sides if the binding together, fasten off and weave in end.

Give a good tug to stretch out the rope chains holding on to the binding to help them “settle”.