Highland Shawl Free Knit Pattern

One of the great things about working with hand dyed yarn is there is an artist and story behind the fiber and that adds such beauty to each stitch. Read more about the dyer Allison Barnes here. Working up the design for the Highland Shawl with her yarn was a delight. The Highland Shawl is great for every level of knitter from beginner to experienced. The lace pattern creates an airy effect. Personally I wear this shawl year -round. You can even go oversized like my friend Stephanie did below.


Supply List:

3 skeins Allison Barns Yarn Worsted (200 Yards per skein)

2 Skeins Allison’s Pajamas (A)
1 Skein Chocolate Brownie (B)
US 8 / 5mm 32” circular needle
Large needle to weave ends
Tape Measure

Stitches Used / Abbreviations:
k – knit
kfb - knit into the front and back of a stitch
k2tog – knit 2 together
p – purl
yo – yarn over
co – cast on (using long tail cast on method)
bo – bind off
st(s) – stitch(es)
r - row



Finished size before blocking: 54” x 74” x 50”
Gauge:  4 inch sq = 20 stitches x 36 rows in garter stitch
*** Gauge is not extremely important for this pattern.

This is a great pattern to work up in DK weight yarn as well as my friend Stephanie did in the green version shown below.

To create the oversized look as shown in the green version, you will want 500 yards of DK weight yarn and you will want to add rows between the lace sections.

The most important thing is to have a knitted fabric that you like.
Wet blocking serves this project best.
The use of a circular needle is only to accommodate a larger number of stitches. This shawl is knit flat.



Cast on 3 sts.
R1: K1, Kfb, K1. (1 st increased, 4sts)
R2: K1,  Kfb, Knit to end. (1 st increased, 5 sts)
R3: Knit to last 2 sts. Kfb, K1. (1 st increased, 6 sts)
R4: K1, Kfb, Knit to last 2 sts, K2tog.
R5-87: Repeat 3 & 4 alternating, increasing by 1 st every odd row.
End on a row 3. 48 sts at the end of R87.

COLOR B - Lace Section 1:
R88: Repeat R4.
R89: Repeat R3. (1 st increased, 49 sts)
R90: K1, Kfb, *k2tog, yo*, repeat * to * to last 3 sts then K2tog, K1.
R91: Repeat R3. (1 st increased, 50 sts)
R92: K1, Kfb, *K2tog, Yo* repeat * to * to last 4 sts, K1, K2tog, K1.
R93: Repeat R3. (1 st increased, 51 sts)
R94-97: Repeat R90-93. 53 sts at the end of R97.

R98-129: Repeat Rows 4, 3 alternating. 69 sts at the end of R129.

COLOR B - Lace Section 2:
R130: Repeat R4.
R131: Repeat R3. (1 st increased, 70 sts)
R132–133: Repeat R92-93
R134-137: Repeat R90-93
R138 - 141:  Repeat R90-93
R142 - 143: Repeat R 90-91, 76 sts at the end of R143. 

R144-171: Repeat Rows 4, 3 alternating. 90 sts at the end of R171.

COLOR B - Lace Section 3:
R172: Repeat R4.
R173: Repeat R3. (1 st increased, 91 sts)
R174–189: Repeat R90-93, 5 times. 99 sts at the end of R189.

R190-240: Repeat R4, 3 alternating, ending with a R4. 124 sts at the end of R240.

Fasten Off.

This project is best served with wet blocking. Please see my tips on blocking here.