Helix Puff Stitch Hat Free Pattern

The Crochet Puff Stitch Beanie Free Pattern will quickly be your fave summer quick project. Of course, it uses lightweight cotton, and you can see my full review of cottons and which is best here. What is so great about this hat is that it is perfect for summer concert and festival season when you may not want to do your 'do. The free pattern below is for the summer version, but I have put together a full set of this pattern for not only cotton category 3 weight, but also worsted and bulky weight yarns. Yup - you can make a puff stitch hat in any yarn!  You can get the full set of patterns here on Etsy for $5.  


Stitches Used / Abbreviations:

fsc- Foundation Single Crochet
ch - Chain
sc - Single Crochet
ps - Puff Stitch

Puff Stitch (PS) :
Wrap yarn over hook; insert hook into ch sp, wrap yarn over hook & pull through leaving 3 loops on hook
Wrap yarn over hook; insert hook into same ch sp, wrap yarn over hook & pull through leaving 5 loops on hook
Wrap yarn over hook and pull through ALL 5 loops to create the “puff” stitch

Supply List:
Category #3 DK or Sport Wight Yarn approx 155 yds
Crochet Hook Size H-8 / 5mm
Stitch Marker
Large needle to weave ends

Gauge: 6.75 sts x 5 rows = 4”




***Hat Made from brim to peak***
Finished Hat: Brim approx. 2” wide / band stretches to approx. 21” / Hat length brim to peak approx. 13”

Begin making the brim of your hat with the stretchy ribbing style.

Row 1: fsc x12
Row 2: turn, ch 1, 11x sc in back loop only
Row 3: Turn, ch 1, 11x sc in back loop only
Repeat row 3 until approx. 18” (or desired width)

Then, when band is at desired width:
Sl st to top of initial fsc from first row, then 11 sl across to attach the whole band to become a circle

DO NOT CUT YARN  // Turn to now work the body
(Unless you have decided to use an alternate color for your band like shown below. In that case cut the yarn and go on to the hat body)



Round 1: ch 1, sc all way around band – must be even number,  then sl st to ch 1
Round 2:  Ch 1 (not a stitch), * PS, ch 1, skip ch sp, PS in next ch sp  ch 1*, Repeat * to * to end, sl st to top of beginning PS
Rounds 3 - 21:  sl st over to next ch sp, then Ch 1 (not a stitch),  * PS, ch 1, skip PS, PS in next ch sp  ch 1*Repeat * to * to end, sl st to top of beginning PS
Round 22:   ch 1, sc into ch sp, * skip PS ch sp, sc *  Repeat * to* all way around the sl st to ch 1
*** this row should be stitched loosely - This will help you close the peak with limited bulk
Round 23:  ch 1, sc loosely all way around, sl st to top of Ch 1 to complete round

Helix crochet puff stitch hat free pattern-2.jpg


Cut yarn leaving lengthy tail to complete peak
Turn hat inside out
Using tapestry needle, weave lengthy tail throughout the top of the sc round 23 then pull tight like a draw string.
Fasten off and weave in ends.
Turn hat Right Side Out and voila!

This closure method is a little different than most but it helps with weight distribution and also gives a lovely finished look to the hat. See the tutorial for this closure method here

What is great about this hat is that you can truly make it in any weight yarn for all seasons.