Two Gals. One Friendship & A Free Scarf Pattern

Sometimes you meet people and there is a spark. Something ignites inside to let you know you have met a kindred. I felt that way when I first met Kat Walser of Oliphant Kat. You can read about our first meeting here. This gal just makes my whole heart smile and I love her classic approach to knitting.

I just adored the Emilia Shawl she designed and couldn’t wait to have her back on the blog with a new design. This time she brought us an introduction to intarsia knitting in a classic inspired scarf that is great for the guys and the gals!

Colorblock-BROOKLYNite-Scarf-Free-Knit-Pattern -5h.jpg

I was beyond excited when Kat selected one of my true favorite yarns: Universal Yarn, Bella Cash. Knowoing she is anot a very big fan of anything not “chunky” it pleased my fiber loving heart that I could introduce her to this beautiful fiber. And I know she loved it.

I love how Kat tells the story of this scarf and inspiration:

For the longest time, I was a little scared of light weight yarn. The instant gratification of chunky knits were too much of a draw - who needs to use tiny yarn when you can have a beanie finished in a few hours? I learned somewhat quickly that my husband didn’t share my love of chunky knits, and could be a bit iffy on men’s knitwear in general. But I really wanted to make him a scarf. We were living in Brooklyn at the time, and going without layers in January in New York is a recipe for disaster.

So Brooklynite was born!

It’s the perfect scarf for the people in your life who (gasp) don’t love the look of traditional knit items. Worked in all-over linen stitch with light weight yarn on larger needles, it has the delicate look of a woven scarf and drapes beautifully. Since it’s lightweight, long and wide, you can wear it down if you just need a bit of extra warmth, or wrap it around a few times if you need to brace yourself against a freezing New York winter.

Ideal for everyone - the guys and the gals - you can make this in your favorite palette or a subtle set of blues and greys like Kat did.

Colorblock-BROOKLYNite-Scarf-Free-Knit-Pattern -5.jpg