The Sun Comes Out With A Crochet Rainbow

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I had the privilege of designing and creating a local yarn bomb installation to celebrate the opening of Stunning String Studio’s new shop in Sycamore, Il. I had seen the long white wall by the neighborhood park and pool and new it was screaming to me: I AM A BLANK CANVAS. PUT SOMETHING HERE. So we did! It was an incredibly fun project to work on and I know just the beginning of fiber art that Stunning String will bring to the community.


One of the things that Stunning String is known for is their incredible array of colors and tonal yarns along with their vast offerings of bases. Whenever I visit their booth at Stitches Midwest I feel like I am walking into a fiber rainbow. That was why I wanted to build a rainbow to celebrate their store opening.

A crochet rainbow is the perfect representation of who they are.

I was fortunate to have early access to the Stunning String store to build the elements of the rainbow. I was even more fortunate a few friends came out for a day to help me crochet some pieces.

We had so much fun and being the first to enjoy the new Stunning String Stitch Room was quite special. It felt like home for sure and made making the rainbow so special.


Once I had all of the elements, I loaded up my favorite red wagon and headed to the park to start working on my canvas and building the rainbow. I started late at night at first for the base with a little help from my friends and then went back over the next few days to ad the sun and finish the rainbow center - in signature Stunning String Pink of course.


I have to say that my favorite part of the whole project is the flower garden at the foot of the rainbow. I (along with a few friends) used our free knit flower pattern and free crochet flower pattern to make lots of little flowers. But the best part was that members of the Stunning String and local area fiber community also made flowers. This is what makes it so special because it is truly a community garden.

Special thanks to DeKalb Parks District for supporting this project.