Takeover Maker: Vincent of Knot Bad Crochet

As mentioned in my post to launch this series we are reminded: our community is awesome because of its members. And man we have some great ones in this maker community. And to say I am excited about this week's takeover maker is an understatement. I first "discovered" Vincent of Knot Bad when he commented on our mutual friend Caroline's instagram page. I clicked his name to see his page and was immediately like WOW! So much fun and talent. And that is what is great about this community - just a few commons threads and a few clocks and we are all connected through creativity.

I've gotten to know Vincent more over time, especially recently while helping him build up his blog and pattern writing. He is so freaking awesome I cannot stand it. I'm so excited to see what he brings this week for his Stitch & Hustle IG Takeover and get to know Vincent more here when I asked him the Stitch & Hustle Maker Five: Questions:

1.  Tell us your name and a little about your craft and business.

Hi! My name is Vincent, but many know me from my brand name, Knot Bad! My craft and business is all about crochet! I just picked up the craft in August of 2015 and have been hooked ever since. I sell my finished products that are primarily Amigurumi, which are stuffed dolls! I like all things nerdy like Pokemon and it’s so much fun to see them alive! I also sell the patterns and I have recently been dabbling in crochet-wear!

2. What inspired you to start your handmade adventure?

Crochet is always something the intrigued me in high school and college for some unknown reason but I just could never get the hang of it. After leaving my service sector job, I was motivated to finally push myself and learn how to! I’ve been crocheting for fun ever since and I have been so fortunate to turn it into a business in such an organic manner!

Knot Bad Panda-monium

3. What is your one favorite thing about what you do?

It’s hard to choose just one aspect, it’s such a fun experience every day! Being able to bring to life my imagination, meeting so many people through my art, and seeing other’s reaction when they see what I have created with just my two hands is always a wonderful feeling that I don’t think I will ever get tired of.

4. What is one goal you have for this year? How are you doing with that goal? How can we, me, the community help you with that goal?

One of my many goals that I have this year is to become full-time with my business, or at least make a huge dent into making that a reality! So far, so good! For have only starting a year and a half ago, I’m proud and grateful to be where I’m at today. The main way to help me grow my business is just spreading my name around, it helps so much! (If you like my work that is!)


5. Since this is about community, what other makers inspire you (can be any maker field, does not have to be fiber arts of course)?

Within this realm of fiber arts, other makers that inspire me are Sierra from @KnittingWonders, Stephanie from @Allaboutami, Jessica from @the.hook.nook, and Jenn from @croochetshop! There are simply just too many people to name off, but also a huge shout-out to all the other lovely makers contributing to Stitch and Hustle's Takeover! He’s not in this realm, but an idol of mine is Elon Musk. He’s considered a maker, right?

Last but not least, link us up baby! How can people connect with you?

Website: https://www.knotbad-crochet.com/
Etsy Shop: www.knotbadcrochet.etsy.com
Instagram: @knot.bad
Twitter: @knotbadcrochet
Patreon: Knot Bad Crochet