Oh 2016, How You Are Appreciated

I love year end recaps and lists. It's such a great way to look back and see how far we've come. See what lessons I've learned. Failures and triumphs along the way all add up to one heck of a ride and I wouldn't trade any of it.

2016 was particularly bittersweet. It was a big a year of transformation for both me and my small business. Personal & professional goals set and smashed. New opportunities, connections and collaborations formed that are like gifts. Some new friendships made and some friendships coming to an end. I took a pause from my production career to focus on my family and small business. I launched my first sweater collection and several items sold out! Oh yes, 2016 was quite a year and One the biggest gifts of 2016 is this community!

See, I had this idea last year for a community blog - a place to share give back & pay it forward. A place to encourage other creatives & small business owners and share what I've learned along the way as well as invite others to do the same. A place to build a community over competition environment so we can ALL thrive. I started planning in January and then launched Stitch & Hustle in March. It hasn’t even been a year and watching this dream, this idea to create a blog for the community of creatives who hustle come alive and grow has been amazing. Seeing so many come together and be part of it has made my heart smile. I have met some of the most amazing and talented and creative people since this journey began.

So to thank YOU, members of this community and those who've supported my own small business 144 Stitches, I have put together this Appreciation Giveaway featuring a few of my fave fellow makers. And man I think it is something special.  But the biggest thing I want you to know is that I am GRATEFUL for YOU; this community and for my customers who buy my patterns and my creations and other makers who support this community and this journey. THANK YOU seems too small but know you are appreciated!

Ok.. so here is what you will win and you can enter below. Do not miss out. 

If you follow me on social media you know that I LOVE me some coffee and on a cold winter day nothing beats Slow Drip. You may have read about when I discovered Chemex a while back. Well, Chemex is giving you one of their classic Slow Drip Coffee Makers (and 100 filters to get you started). HECK YEAH!  And since you will need something to drink that yummy delightful slow drip coffee in, how about a 'Yarn" mug from The Yarn Mamas, who we all know I just love! You will also get a limited edition handmade Stitch & Hustle Ornament handmade from Made of Embers. But wait... there's more!

Have you heard that Pantone announced 'Greenery" to be the color for 2017? Well, I teamed up with three of my favorite fellow makers and we have you covered! You will win The Everly Beanie in hand dyed shades of green from Stephanie at Triple Knot Studio. You will also win an amazingly soft hand knit infinity scarf from Ali at Ford Explorer Knits. And pull the ensemble together with these adorable hand warmers from Evie at Everything Evie Crafts. And how about a little green to spend? You will get $100 gift card to my shop 144 Stitches. And it all arrives with this market tote. Now THAT IS A PRIZE PACK! Don't miss out. Lots of ways to enter below.

And again... THANK YOU! Thank you for being part of the beginning of this journey in 2016.