Welcome To The Maui Sunset Tank CAL

I have wanted to host a CAL on this blog for so long. But the truth is that I never seem to find the time or can decide which pattern. It is a real dilemma! I am lucky to have that dilemma resolved by my dear friend Bonnie Mackay who is allowing Stitch & Hustle to host the CAL for her new crochet tank: The Maui Sunset Tank. YAY WE HAVE A CAL!!!!!

This Crochet-A-Long that is so very special to me because it is the first design published by my dear pal Bonnie Mackay. Bonnie has been a friend for a few years now. She started out as one of my pattern testers shortly after we connected on the Instagram platform. We quickly became friends in my facebook group for pattern testers as well.

Since then - it has been my great pleasure to watch Bonnie grow into her own as a designer and I am pretty lucky she still tests for me too. Her first beginner friendly design is The Maui Sunset Tank, a collaboration with Fair Isle Yarns.

The Maui Sunset Tank incorporates the beauty of simple stitches and a beginner friendly construction making it a fabulous pattern for crocheters of every level.

Mauisunsettankcal Prizes-2.png

When she wanted to have a CAL and wanted to collaborate for Stitch & Hustle to host I just about cried. It is my honor to build this platform to lift up other designers and this is the perfect first CAL. And the amazing team at Fair Isle Yarn has stepped up with some incredible prizes! So join us for the first CAL. Click the Link for ALL the details!

Mauisunsettankcal-2 copy.png