Kristy Glass Just Loves Some Crochet & We Love Her For That!

Even though her name is Kristy Glass “Knits” I happen to know that my dear friend Kristy Glass is a HUGE fan and supporter of all us crocheters out there. It is one of the reasons I love collaborating with her so much. She has the heart of a Fiber Enthusiast - for all mediums. For Stitch Up Brooklyn she even crocheted our flower headbands that she and I wore and when we did our Flower Crown collaboration with Nancy Ricci I was so excited she opted to do the crochet version! She even crocheted her Flower Fascinator and my flower headband for Stitch Up Brooklyn!


As if that wasn’t enough for my crochet loving soul - My heart truly smiled when our annual collaboration for the Rhinebeck Shawl designs were ready and she said: “I am going to do the crochet one. I have been itching for some crochet”. Oh yes… the woman is a CROCHET ENTHUSIAST!

Last May on her YouTube channel - she dedicated the whole month to celebrating Crochet and the many incredible crochet artists in our fiber community. I was so honored and humbled when she wanted to include me. Sure we are friends. Sure I have lots of crochet patterns and this is my platform. But it still humbles me so much when someone says “Hey I want to work with you”. So we got together to chat crochet!


In true Kristy & Michele style the video is EPIC. It was shot somewhere between 11pm and 1am in my hotel room right after the first night of Stitch Up Chicago 2019. There were laughs. There were stories. There was a TON of crochet - ok.. ALL THE CROCHET. There were shenanigans. But what I recall most about filming this is that there was just love. Two gals with a deep love for fiber and friendship.

I hope you enjoy our little exploration into crochet and THANK YOU Kristy for including me in your crochet spotlight.