Be A Bag Lady! Great Bags To Crochet For Summer!

Summer is an amazing time for using cute bags that vary in sizes. You’re going for a stroll through your neighborhood downtown spot to browse local, artisan shops and you have your bag that matches your summer outfit perfectly. Or, your bag stands out as a unique and interesting extension of your fantastic fashion style. Whatever it is, your bag will be the perfect accessory for you this summer.

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1.     The Cities Circle Bag has a shape that’s not normally seen in handbags. Its circular design is trendy and stands out in a crowd with a subtle and welcoming design. Make your bag in your favorite colors, adorn it with a cute toggle button for closure, and you’ll have a bag where you can quickly toss in your sunglasses, lip stick and other essentials.

2.     What I love about the Crochet Seashells Bag is its half-circular shape with great texture that do resembles the curves and bumps of a seashell that you’d find in the sands of tropical beaches. This stylish bag is a perfect evening summer bag after you’ve spent the day sunbathing and catching rays!

3.     This Summer Day Bag is a wonderful day at the park type of bag. You can toss in a small blanket, your favorite book, or small crochet or knitting project, and your sunglasses. You might even be able to fit a floppy hat to protect your face from the sun!

4.     Not all summer bags have to be on the big side, in fact, having a smaller summer bag is perfect for going to places where all you need are just a few items! The Cool Stripes Bag is such a bag that you can quickly grab, toss your small items in, and head out the door. This bag is super cute and will look great with a tank, shorts, and cute sandals.

5.     If you’re looking for a bag that uses natural fibers and has an earthy element to it, this Jute Bag is just right for you. I love that it has a semi-rough quality to it, yet it has a distinct style that a perfect summer complement. It can double as a market bag for fresh produce or a cute carry all summer bag!

6.     This Downtown Bag is super stylish and trendy! I love its almost bottomless quality to it that’s just perfect for your items. The bamboo handles add another element of design giving it a natural vibe that will look amazing with a cute summer dress or your favorite summer outfit!

I hope that you’ll find a bag that’s Great for the Summer in this stylistic and trendy collection. While all the bags have the same function, they all differ in taste, shape, design, and uniqueness.

great_bags_to_crochet_free_pattern_round_up_1d copy.jpg