Design Feature: Detroit Knots, My Favorite Jeans Top

Every once in a while you connect with someone and just know things were meant to be. Connecting with Natalie of Detroit Knots is one of those people for me. I think our friendship story is both special and a bit normal in the modern age. We met through instagram when one day I stumbled upon a picture of her and her little human in a dress she designed. Something about this photo spoke to me and I said to myself: Gah this woman.. I need to know her. I was BLOWN AWAY when shortly after Natalie applied to be one of my pattern testers. In those unrelated but important singular events, the seeds of fiber friendship was born.

Through my testing group I had the great privilege of getting to know Natalie even more. Almost a whole year after first stumbling across that photo, I had the incredible honor of meeting my friend face to face at a small sip and stitch I hosted in Chicago. The hug was for real. The bond was there and so were the laughs. And lots of yarn. SO MUCH YARN!

When I decided to expand this blog to feature other designers I knew Natalie was on my list to feature. I had no idea what magic she would bring to the project!


Natalie and I emailed a few ideas back and forth and she mentioned the idea for a shirt she had been marinating on for quite some time. I mentioned that I would love to feature Lion Brand Jeans yarn and it was serendipitous… instantly things started to fall in place.

This design was a labor of love and I will let Natalie describe it. Read her instagram post here and the back story here. This is the kind of top for every gal. Every shape. It is stylish and comfortable. And the pattern is in sizes XS to 4X for Every woman!

THANK YOU to Lion Brand Yarn for providing the yarn support for this collaboration. Now you can get the free pattern here and scroll down to WIN all you need to make your very own My Favorite Jeans Top from the fine folks at Lion Brand Yarn!