A Cotton Rainbow & Three Summer Festival Crochet Top Patterns


If you read or watched my review of Cotton Fibers then you know how excited I am about Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK. It is super fabulous. Why do I love it so much? Well, it is super bright and cheerful in the color palette (yes they have neutrals too, but those brights drew me in). I also really like that the yarn comes in 50 gm balls. Not only are they fun to play finger yarn puppet theater but it is great for projects that require lots of color changes and you wont be left with tons of excess yarn you didn't even need.

I was making a rainbow top and so I got myself one of each of the rainbow colors and a few balls of black for the contrast. Well, let me tell you that I had enough to make ALL THREE of these tops from that one order! Man oh man was that a huge bonus!

Paintbox Cotton DK was perfect for my Summer Festival Tops patterns because it is super lightweight, but still spun well so it holds stitch structure and shape. On the Islamorada Top that was super important in the design element because the rainbow itself is the top bra portion of the tank top. I needed a yarn that would hold shape and make gals feel comfortable while rocking that summer style.

In an amazing discovery, just as the Paintbox Cotton DK help the stitches and shape perfectly for the Islamorada Tank, the yarn also gave me the flow and drape I was looking for in the more modest Riviera Tee. WHAT?!?! I did not see that one coming! This Tee is meant to be the kind you can wear to the office, about town or the beach so I needed a very specific drape from the yarn. As soon as I started working it up I was thrilled and knew it would be perfect. I designed the Riviera to be for gals like me who occasionally like a summer tee instead of a festival tank if you know what I mean.

The third of my Summer Rainbow Tops is the Beach Side Cover Up. I wanted a top reminiscent of my Miami days of living when I would just throw on some fun light crochet to head to the Avenue for lunch from the beach. This top is great because you can not only make it to any size but you can have some fun with the colors too. Just as the Paintbox Cotton DK had for the 2 previous tops, it delivered exactly what I was looking for in stitch and drape. I wanted the center to be a but more structured and then the top to open and become carefree and flowy. I think it does just that!

I could not be more pleased with my purchase and first efforts with Paintbox Yarns and have even ordered more for a few fall ideas I have in neutrals. Affordable Cotton DK in bright colors that delivered all I wanted and more! What will you make with Paintbox Cotton DK? What have you made? Let me know now that I am hooked on this new find!