2019 World Wide STITCH In Public Day: Stitch Up Brooklyn Style!

When I first heard about WWKIPD (World Wide Knit In Public Day) last year - I was like… wait.. what is this? Thank heavens I learned to knit so I can be part of it! Then I started reading about it and I love what Astrid started (the woman behind WWKIPD). Such and amazing WORLD WIDE movement to take us fiber introverts outdoors! I knew I would eventually want to somehow be involved or host a KIP (Knit In Public) event.

In New York City, Knitty City, a well known and LOVED local yarn shop, hosts a WWKIPD event at Bryant Park. So as Stitch Up Brooklyn was taking shape and we were selecting the dates it seemed like the absolute PERFECT opportunity to jump on board and we scheduled Stitch Up Brooklyn around that event so our New York Crew and all of our attendees could be part of this magical event. And magic it was.

Led by The Domiknitter (our beloved Kristy’s alter ego) the Stitch Up Brooklyn crew departed the hotel and made our way to the NY Water Ferry to enjoy a river ride to DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge.


We gathered for a super fun and super large group photo at the Brooklyn Bridge and Jane’s Carousel.


After our fun group photo, we made our way across the Brooklyn Bridge stitching, walking, laughing and really it could not have been more perfect. It was a little crowded being the first beautiful weekend in June, but we managed to keep our group in tact.


We hopped on the train and made our way to Bryan Park to join the annual Knitty City event and it was a blast. Meeting so many more New Yorkers and hearing their stories and sharing stitches together was just magnificent. I love that Knitty City does this every year.


This was perfection. It was incredibly special! And, because Stitch Up Events are all about inclusiveness, we decided to rename it STITCH In Public Day. We stitched on the streets, we stitched on the ferry, we stitched on the bridge, we stitched on the subway, we stitched in the park. Oh yes, we STITCHED in public! I thoroughly encourage you to connect with your local yarn shop and host or be part of a World Wide STITCH In Public Day event. Because it is ALL THE FUN!