Ever feel like you just need an extra pair of hands?

Ever wish you could add just a few more hours to your day to get it all done?

Well now you do and now you can! With the Maker Assistant. 

Adding the Maker Assistant may feel like a big huge step. But it is worth it. By freeing up your time you keep the stress away, joy in making and get it all done efficiently!



The Maker Assistant helps you free up time and be more efficient by tackling things such as:

  • responding to customer emails
  • updating listings for your Etsy Shop
  • update listings for your online Market Place (Squarespace, Shopify, Etc.)
  • community management for Social Media
  • create infographics & ads
  • create social media posts
  • proof read & copy edit blog posts
  • create and manage email campaigns
  • data entry & management

Pricing varies depending on the scope of work. It can be hourly, per project or monthly.

Contact The Maker Assistant here to start a project!

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