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A little about me and why I started this blog...

I LOVE crochet and I have been crocheting since I was a child. Some of my earliest memories include hooks and yarn. It has always been my solace and happy place in what was an otherwise tumultuous upbringing.  I have also come to love experimenting with new fibers and stitch combinations as my skills developed and I wanted to share that process. As I began seeing some success since launching my crochet business, I wanted to offer something back to the crochet community as well. So I started a crochet blog. 

In 2014, I was invited to speak at an Etsy event about taking my online Etsy shop and turning it into offline success at the One Of A Kind Show in Chicago. I also get a LOT of emails, messages on Etsy, tweets and Facebook messages asking for help on how to start a crochet or handmade business.

The truth is, though I’m deeply flattered by people asking me "HOW" I am successful - especially since I am just starting and nowhere near where I want to be and know we all define "successful" for ourselves, this is a very difficult question to answer. There is no easy, "hey do this and you will be a success" formula. Every creative business is different. And every Artisan is different. The recipe is never exactly the same.

With this in mind, I decided to revamp my personal crochet blog into an Artisan Community Blog and make it a place where we can share the hustle - and this is the next level of hustle where it's all about what I can offer you through this blog and how we can be a community that breeds success.

Stitch & Hustle is a place where we can not only find and share creative crafty projects, but by sharing an exchange of ideas, the steps that work or don't work we can explore our crafty side and share in our journey to success as well.

I look forward to not only sharing my own experiences, but hearing about yours as well. Please feel free to add comments, submit ideas and topics and make this blog your own. We will have guest posts from fellow Artisans and small business experts in a variety of fields. Read my welcome post here.

So thanks for stopping by. Hope you poke around and enjoy! Let me know if there is anything I / this blog can do for you or a topic you would like covered. Just use the contact form here.


PS: No rules, but some guidelines here.

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