Oh Hello There Rare Creature

I had seen this new yarn from The Rare Creature scroll across my instagram feed for a couple of weeks now. Everyone raving about the squishy awesomeness of this ethically sourced Alpaca. I was getting very curious. When I got the chance to collaborate with Lisa at The Rare Creature and got my hands on The Big Softy, well I quickly understood all the fuss.

I AM OBSESSED. No exaggeration. Simply obsessed.

I can't lie: when I opened the box I immediately had a mini 'squeeze the yarn ball' festival because it is just so dang squishy. The earthy tones are lovely. I like the fact that they are not truly solid but have a hint of shading to them. I had originally planned to crochet but the yarn just told me to knit. So I did.

The yarn works up so nicely. Now, I am still a fairly new knitter so it is to be expected that I would frog my creations now and then. I was pleasantly surprised when the fiber frogged quite well. No snagging or catching or knotting. It simply pulled apart nicely so that I could start again. Listen - that speaks volumes to me as someone still sorting the kinks as I design new garments and accessories. It made me love this yarn EVEN MORE.

I could not be more thrilled with how this hat turned out and cannot wait to make more. I've posted this free pattern for my Rare Creature City Beanie here.

This yarn has quickly found a place in my faves! Get some for yourself and use code stitchhustle for 15% off now through Christmas.

And as a holiday bonus, because it is the Season of Giving after all, you can enter here to win a ball for yourself. TWO winners will get a ball of The Big Softy to make this beanie. Enter here.


Disclosure: The Rare Creature sent me this yarn free of charge for the purpose of this review & pattern collaboration. Although this is sponsored content, opinions and review are completely my own.

November Pattern GiveAway

Did you read about the awesome Pattern Swap Toni of TL Yarn Crafts and I did a while back? It was such an awesome experience. It reminds me why I started this blog. To create. To share. To create ways for OTHERS to create. So an extension of the Season of Giving, Toni and I have teamed up to give you BOTH of these awesome patterns AND bonus... You get a $25 gift card to WAK for your yarn. Just enter below.


Get Cozy October Giveaway

Ok you guys.. this October giveaway is on POINT! without delay.. check this out:

PROJECT TOTE: I have been a customer and huge fan of Rain Girl Designs for years. I own 4 of her project totes because they are just so perfect. Joanna makes the perfect tote! They have pockets for my notions and you will love the width and length of the straps. This retro mid century themed project tote is all yours to carry your project around.

PATTERN & YARN: I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Jewell of of Northknits being local in Chicago. Her Instagram is always so inspiring. She is offering up her Purpose Scarf pattern. It's the perfect accessory heading into cozy season. You get the pattern AND the Stitch & Hustle blog will provide the yarn. WHAT? YUP!

KNIT KIT: OK, I can't describe how excited I am about this knit kit. I have one and as a fairly new knitter I can say I LOVE it. Chantal of Knitatude has launched her new Knit accessory line and it is a HIT! You will get the Show Me Your Knits kit and all it's notions & tools that come with the canvas pouch. Come on!

MUG: Of course you need fuel for your project so enjoy your coffee or tea in this Three Sheeps To The Wind Mug from Knit Baah Purl. I met the awesome Paula of Knit Baah Purl at Stitches Midwest this summer. I fell in love with her energy & whimsical line of sheep & yarnie products. If you visit her shop you will want to buy all the things.

Don't miss out. Enter here...

Tone on Tone and The Chapen Shrug

I love hand dyed or hand-painted yarns. I have been a fan for years. The colors and tonal shades are just magical. I also love Lion Brand Wool Ease series - it is a staple in my arsenal of yarn. So when I heard that Lion Brand was coming out with a line of Wool Ease Tonal, based on hand dyed coloring, I have to admit that I was both excited and skeptical.

The Chunky Everest, Amherst & Capeside Beanies- all designed for Wool Ease Tonal

I tried not to be bias when my sample box arrived from Lion Brand and not compare it directly to hand dyed fibers. And I was not disappointed. The subtleties of the tone on tone in each colorway is what makes them so special. There is a true 'natural" appearance to the color blends. And Wool - Ease? I mean come on... I just love it. Works up quick and has that chunky Wool Ease feel I love so much.

The yarn is perfect for my chunky hats and I even created a new set based on the subtleties of this yarn. The Amherst Beanie works up fast and picks up the accents of the colorway.

The combination of the yarn and getting into fall weather,  inspired me to create something new and fabulous. Something that really played with the shades of the Tonal. I created this Chapen Shrug.

The Chapen is my own fun twist on the traditional granny. It is misleading because it is not a granny at all! I created a graduated color scheme with the grey-scale Tonal shades. The yarn works up so well, and really lends itself to this kind of design.

And now you too can try this new delightful cozy yarn. Lion Brand is sponsoring the ALL You Need To Make This Giveaway. You win the yarn, the pattern, the hook, the yarn (did I say that twice? Because it's THAT GOOD)- the whole kit. Yup - how AWESOME is that?!?!  Enter below.

Can't wait to see if you win? You can buy the pattern here or in my Etsy shop here

Disclosure: Although this is sponsored content, opinions and review are my own.

Hello Fall Project Giveaway

Let me start by saying I cannot believe this giveaway you guys. I mean I WISH I could enter! It is just too good! Not even kidding.

I love this time of year. Sure, I am a total Pisces ocean, beach loving and winter snowboard riding kind of gal; but, I think this is my favorite time of year.  Leaves turning color and falling.  Bonfires and burning leaves. Sunny days and crisp nights. Ah it is just perfect. So I thought it would be fitting to kick off my fave time of year with a killer prize pack for you guys. Check this out and enter below:

Pattern & Yarn: One of my FAVORITE people who I met on Instragram is Kelly of Knit Brooks. I am constantly inspired by her work and her love of nature. This is her extremely popular Cocoon Sweater which is the perfect transitional accessory as we exit summer into Autumn. It is lightweight, breathable and works up super quick. You get the pattern AND as always, the blog will provide yarn to make it. WHAT? YUP!

Mug: Of course you need fuel for your project so why not enjoy your coffee or tea in this awesome handmade Peace, Love & Yarn mug? I had the awesome opportunity to meet Amanda of Pawley Studios at Stitches Midwest over the summer. She is pretty rad and has a fab collection of yarn bowls and fun fiber themed mugs. I love me some fiber themed mugs so I snagged a few and she has offered up this one for this giveaway.

Project Tote: Well, you are going to need something to carry your awesome fall project around while you work on it right? Molly from Spearmint Spruce is offering up one of her handmade masterpieces. Let me tell you, I own one of these. I got it on sale in her shop and it's now my favorite tote on the planet. The craftsmanship is superb. The pockets are perfect. And it hangs at just the right height. Don't want to wait to win? Use code GIVEAWAY10 for 10% off in her shop!

Crochet Hook: If you follow me on social media, then you have seen this amazing ergo friendly hook from Too Shay Crochet Hook. Everyone asks me about it. I love it. I love it so much I bought a whole set. It feels great in my hand and is just a perfect piece of art to work with. You will win a hook in the size needed for this project. Handmade artistry to create your own art. You just can't beat that!


Like I said, hot dang this is a killer prize pack. Open world-wide. Don't miss out. Enter below to win all this. But seriously - can I enter too?

Back To School Hustle Is On Giveaway

I don't have kiddos but so many of my friends and members of our community do that I thought a little "Back To School Hustle Giveaway" seemed appropriate. This is a good one too.

Mug: Of course you need fuel for your project so why not enjoy your coffee or tea in this awesome Hustle mug? This was the mug that helped launch this blog and now it can be part of your collection. It is one of my faves.

HUSTLE Bracelet: Keepsakes by Katie was part of my holiday Shop Small suggestions. Last year I got everyone personalized Keep bracelets and watches or key fobs. Perfect gifts and of course I nabbed a few treats for me. Now YOU get a Keep bracelet to help encourage you to stay on your hustle every day.


Pattern & Yarn: One of my FAVORITE artisans who I discovered and met on Instragram is Nicole of Naturally Nora Crochet. This woman has got some talent with a ball of yarn I tell you. I am constantly in awe of her work. This Alana Tee will not only be a perfect project for you to make but ideal for your little one to wear. You get the pattern AND a $20 gift card to Knit Picks for the yarn to make it. WHAT? YUP! You can read a bit more about Nicole here on the OML Blog too.

Children's Book: I got to meet the awesome Paula of Knit Baah Purl at Stitches Midwest and she has this awesome children's bedtime book. A Sheep's Tale. So wind down the day with a story for your little one.