Yarnie Tools On The Go

It's true. My purse sometimes looks like a notions bag instead of a purse. Never be shocked to find a crochet hook, stitch markers or tape measure whilst rummaging around for my lip gloss. Now that I have added knitting to my arsenal it has only gotten worse.

So it wasn't a hard sell for Sarah from the Sexy Knitter to catch my eye when she wanted to send me her new notions tin to check out. Yes please.

I was quite impressed when it arrived because the simplicity is beyond genius. I was like... um.. hello lovely new awesomeness that will now live in my purse. The size of an Altoid Tin and it comes with and holds all things I usually find floating around, sans hooks & needles of course. But let me tell you the real genius.. the one thing that makes me ooh and aahh over this baby: the magnetic top. No more jabbing my fingers with a needle. Now it is right where it should be and easily accessible pain free. She even put in the most adorable origami stitch markers and tiniest scissors I think I have ever seen.

I have already put this Tool Kit to great use and now as a treat for YOU, use code Stitchandhustle for 20% off to get your own. Just in time for the holidays and a perfect gift for your fellow yarnies. She's got a huge variety of yarnie saying to select from too. I say THUMBS UP SARAH!

Disclosure: Sarah of The Sexy Knitter sent me this tool kit free of charge for the purpose of this review. Although this is sponsored content, opinions and review are completely my own.

The 2016 Stitch & Hustle Shop Small Holiday Discounts & Gift Guide

It is the First Annual Stitch & Hustle Holiday Gift Guide!  And boy oh boy does The Stitch & Hustle Season of Giving continue in an EPIC way.  Our community continues to amaze me with the generosity and man have we got some awesomeness for you from some of my favorite small business shops & artisans... check out these deals and do not miss out.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I LOVE the Yarn Mamas. Krista, the owner, is not only a fellow yarnieand avid crocheter, but launched the Yarn Mamas with amazing gifts for fellow yarnies. Top notch customer service and great products keep me coming back. Now you can save 15% with code HOLIDAYGIFT on all orders through December 1st. Get a great gift for yourself or a fellow yarn loving friend from this awesome shop!


I first "met" Soyun about 3 years ago when I was searching for the perfect Crochet Hook Case for my longer Rosewood Hook collection. She custom made the most amazing case for me. SInce then I have been back several times for another hook case, a knitting needle case, and a project tote. Not only is she an amazingly talented artisan, she is super easy and fun to work with. Check out this deal:
* Purchase by Nov. 6 to get 15% of entire order using a coupon code 'EARLYBIRD2016'
* Purchase by Dec. 1 to get 10% of entire order using a coupon code 'JOY2016'


I had the wonderful gift of meeting Amanda and her husband of Pawley Studios at Stitches Midwest. I instantly fell in love with her creations and her vibe. Not only are her yarn bowls insanely awesome but her collection of yarn sayings mugs are on point and so fun.  Use coupon code "stitchandhustle" for 10% off through Nov. 15


Jesabelle of Otterburn PQ makes the most wonderful knitting project arm bags. Read my review here and see why I literally use mine every single day and never leave home without it! Now Jesabelle is offering the community 15% off everything in her shop from now until Christmas with code STITCH15.

If you've seen my instagram feed, then you know my yarn loving, small biz owning, inspirational coffee mug game is strong. One of my favorite small biz owners and source of many great mugs, including the mug that helped launch this blog is Zenia of Small Glow. Now you can get 10% off with coupon code: YAYHOLIDAYS now through 12/1/16


I had the privilege of meeting Angel of Mad Love Shop when our booths were across from each other in the Etsy Pavillion at the OOAK Show.  We've become friends and collaborated many times since. Her shirts are among my faves and staples in my wardrobe. Perfect to bring a pop of art to my wardrobe. Get your own piece of Angel's wearable art and use code SPECIAL20 for 20% off through the end of the year. What? yup expires 12/31/16

Ok guys - SO MANY of you have asked me about my crochet hooks. Well Angelika, the amazing artist who makes them is giving you guys 10% off with code TooShayCrochet on orders of $50 or more through 12/31/16. Now I happen to have 5 of her hooks and can honesty say that are unmatched. They are premier ergonomic hooks and the wood means they are durable. I LOVE them!

I have to be honest, even though I CAN make baby blankets, it is my least favorite thing on the planet. So I outsource baby gifts lol. My go to is the Wonderland Quilt Co. I met Eileen, the maker, at an Etsy event a couple of years ago. Her quilts are amazing. Use code HOLIDAY16 for $10 off any purchase over $100 now through 12/31/16.  These are simply the perfect gift for any little one. To quote my last gift recipient:  "Thank you guys so much for Lily's present!!! The quilt is adorable and Lily loves it! She tries to cover herself with it all the time. And the star is a permanent toy in her crib. Great idea and we are all super grateful! Thanks so much for thinking of us. Lily will give you lots of hugs and kisses next time"


You guys - one of my fave mugs comes from Kathy at Cluck Cluck Boots. Every time I share it on Instagram in stories I get so many messages. People love it. Now you get get 20% off her yarnie mugs, patterns and more with code HOLIDAYHUSTLE20 now through 12/5/16.


And because I think you are all awesome, as a thank you from me, use code STITCH20 for 20% off my site and Etsy Shop now through 12/31/16.


PASSION PLANNER: Ok guys - I am telling you my Passion Planner was a Game Changer. I am more efficient, more productive, and reaching goals like never before. The concept is simple. Invest time in yourself and get a plan to get to the next level. They always have deals and sales if you follow them on IG. Cannot rave enough about it!




 I discovered Joanna's shop about 3 or so years ago on Etsy when I was in search of the perfect iPad case. I wanted someone to create a case that could be a pouch as well. In my mind it would be fabulous of course. When I contacted Joanna, she seemed to understand exactly what I was after and made the ordering process super easy. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and customer service that I went back for my project totes.  Joanna looked high and low to find the right fabrics to fit my color palette and style. She created these perfect project totes for me.


I met Paula of Knit Baah Purl at Stitches Midwest over the summer. I grabbed up her "For The Zen Of It" and "Lay Flat To Dry" yarnie & sheep shirts. Her sheep themes gifts are perfect for anyone in your knitting or fiber circle. Mugs, gift cards and witty sayings on wine glasses. I could go broke in Paula's shop. Check her out here.


I met Chantal online in the Instagram community. I am such a fan of her vibe, her work and her constant push to grow the community through her weekly Knit Nights. She recently launched her Knit Kits which as a beginner knitter I must say are AMAZING! Fun pouches to hold your notions and they come with all a knitter needs to get going.


There it is. The Stitch & Hustle Top Gift Ideas and so many discounts. Thank you to all the generous shops who feed into this wonderful community. Happy shopping season!

Make Plans, Chase Dreams, Live Happy (and with a plan)

Following the theme of Nicole's awesome Time Management Tips post, I have been thinking about my own time management and how to streamline, improve and trim the fat. I want to share with you something that is a game changer for me. It actually came down to something as simple as I needed a new planner. What? YUP!

Although I am a roam the earth free spirit artistic kind of gal, I am also a planner. Shocking right? Well, let me explain.

Ever since I got my hands on my first FiloFax as a wee young up and comer, I have been a fan of the organizer & planner. It serves so many purposes. Not just helpful with dates and schedule but... It is a great place to stash business cards and receipts; it hold notes and numbers and random thoughts. My FiloFax has been around the world with me over and over until it died and finally the last stitch came apart a few years ago. Oh the stories it could tell. And oh the loss I felt.

Sure we are in the digital age and there are apps and tools for workflow. But for me, I like pen to paper. I am a fan of writing things down. I also like to gather my thoughts, spend a few minutes of quiet time and getting grounded. My needs have changed as I began to focus more on my small business, so I looked for planners that did more than just provide a place to write things down. I wanted to PLAN.

In my search I stumbled upon Passion Planner. What is this? I have Passion. I need a Planner. Hmmm..... As I read more & found out about the company (which has a great story you should read here) and the planner I discovered that they use mind mapping to help set a course to achieve goals. WAIT!?!? WHAT???

I LOVE Mind Mapping. How is it that I have never thought of this, but Thank God they did! It makes such perfect sense. I had to get one of these. And let me tell you- if you are an artisan, small business owner, human being with dreams & goals - you will want to get this too.

Granted, at first it is overwhelming. But the word itself means you need more than a notepad... we are making PLANS. In the short time since I have had my Passion Planner I can honestly say my efficiency has improved. My focus has increased. My spirit is lifted. Can a Planner really be the source of this? YES!

Because if you take the time in the beginning to invest and get going with the tools provided in the Passion Planner then it really does remove the clutter and help facilitate success. It is more than just things "to do". By following the Passion Planner layout tools, it has helped me prioritize, remove some clutter and truly come up with the HOW to achieving my goals. I am also a fan of the downloadable inserts. Because.. um.. graph paper :-)

As I gear up for busy season, it is crucial to streamline and be productive & efficient. I have incorporated spending a few minutes with my planner to start my day and it truly has helped me regain some focus I had lost in the clutter of To Do Lists.  I am stoked to see how this continues and mind-map my way to achieving my goals.

And now, OMG - get this- the fine folks at Passion Planner are giving one Stitch & Hustle community member your very own 2016-2017 GameChanger Passion Planner. Um helloooooooo... get in on this. Enter below. Don't wanna wait to win one? You can buy one here

Disclosure: Passion Planner sent me this planner free of charge for the purpose of this review and provided the giveaway. Although this is sponsored content, opinions and review are completely my own.

Arm Candy for Some Yarnies On The Go

Like most creatives, I knit or crochet wherever I go. I can be found at concerts, at events, in the car, on the train, at the park, at the doctor waiting room with yarn & hook (or needles) in hand. The truth is, if I can't bring my yarn, I probably won't go. But this also presents a challenge of carrying around my project without intruding on whatever activity I am enjoying.

While I love my collection of project totes and bags, none of them were just perfect for my on the go activity. Especially places like concerts, walking on the beach or a day in the park. So when I stumbled upon OtterburnPQ on Etsy I have to tell you I was intrigued. And then, I was in love!

A project bag that hangs on my arm? I had so many questions. Will it hold my yarn? Will it be comfortable? Will it be too heavy? Will it be sturdy? Will it interfere with my movement? Well, I just had to get it to try it out. And then I fell in love with it.

I got the medium bag to try, thinking the small would be ideal for my cottons but I am a bulky wool kinda gal. The bag arrived fast - and for handmade items that always impresses me. The quality stood out immediately. It is incredibly sturdy and well made. The fabric is super soft, which is great because I have sensitive skin.

It is lightweight and the wide armhole helps the yarn flow so nicely without me having to tug at it. I use this bag all the time. At the park. On the train. Everywhere I go.  It has quickly become high up on my must have list when I pack as well.

Jésabelle B., the owner & maker of OtterburnPQ is hooking you guys up with 15% off now to Christmas so you can get your very own awesome arm project tote. Just use code STITCH15 at checkout. Go ahead. Treat yo'self or get the perfect gift for the knitter or hooker in your life!
You won't regret it!


Hello Fall Project Giveaway

Let me start by saying I cannot believe this giveaway you guys. I mean I WISH I could enter! It is just too good! Not even kidding.

I love this time of year. Sure, I am a total Pisces ocean, beach loving and winter snowboard riding kind of gal; but, I think this is my favorite time of year.  Leaves turning color and falling.  Bonfires and burning leaves. Sunny days and crisp nights. Ah it is just perfect. So I thought it would be fitting to kick off my fave time of year with a killer prize pack for you guys. Check this out and enter below:

Pattern & Yarn: One of my FAVORITE people who I met on Instragram is Kelly of Knit Brooks. I am constantly inspired by her work and her love of nature. This is her extremely popular Cocoon Sweater which is the perfect transitional accessory as we exit summer into Autumn. It is lightweight, breathable and works up super quick. You get the pattern AND as always, the blog will provide yarn to make it. WHAT? YUP!

Mug: Of course you need fuel for your project so why not enjoy your coffee or tea in this awesome handmade Peace, Love & Yarn mug? I had the awesome opportunity to meet Amanda of Pawley Studios at Stitches Midwest over the summer. She is pretty rad and has a fab collection of yarn bowls and fun fiber themed mugs. I love me some fiber themed mugs so I snagged a few and she has offered up this one for this giveaway.

Project Tote: Well, you are going to need something to carry your awesome fall project around while you work on it right? Molly from Spearmint Spruce is offering up one of her handmade masterpieces. Let me tell you, I own one of these. I got it on sale in her shop and it's now my favorite tote on the planet. The craftsmanship is superb. The pockets are perfect. And it hangs at just the right height. Don't want to wait to win? Use code GIVEAWAY10 for 10% off in her shop!

Crochet Hook: If you follow me on social media, then you have seen this amazing ergo friendly hook from Too Shay Crochet Hook. Everyone asks me about it. I love it. I love it so much I bought a whole set. It feels great in my hand and is just a perfect piece of art to work with. You will win a hook in the size needed for this project. Handmade artistry to create your own art. You just can't beat that!


Like I said, hot dang this is a killer prize pack. Open world-wide. Don't miss out. Enter below to win all this. But seriously - can I enter too?

Back To School Hustle Is On Giveaway

I don't have kiddos but so many of my friends and members of our community do that I thought a little "Back To School Hustle Giveaway" seemed appropriate. This is a good one too.

Mug: Of course you need fuel for your project so why not enjoy your coffee or tea in this awesome Hustle mug? This was the mug that helped launch this blog and now it can be part of your collection. It is one of my faves.

HUSTLE Bracelet: Keepsakes by Katie was part of my holiday Shop Small suggestions. Last year I got everyone personalized Keep bracelets and watches or key fobs. Perfect gifts and of course I nabbed a few treats for me. Now YOU get a Keep bracelet to help encourage you to stay on your hustle every day.


Pattern & Yarn: One of my FAVORITE artisans who I discovered and met on Instragram is Nicole of Naturally Nora Crochet. This woman has got some talent with a ball of yarn I tell you. I am constantly in awe of her work. This Alana Tee will not only be a perfect project for you to make but ideal for your little one to wear. You get the pattern AND a $20 gift card to Knit Picks for the yarn to make it. WHAT? YUP! You can read a bit more about Nicole here on the OML Blog too.

Children's Book: I got to meet the awesome Paula of Knit Baah Purl at Stitches Midwest and she has this awesome children's bedtime book. A Sheep's Tale. So wind down the day with a story for your little one.


Get Organized: Hooks & Needles

As a new knitter, I've quickly started collecting a variety of knitting needles and supplies. I've been trying my best to keep organized and shop smart so as not to amass a pile of things I won't use for the long run. But I know I needed a better way to store it all than using a vase on my yarn shelf. Especially since I travel so much. The vase won't travel well 😉

Since I have two crochet hook cases that I love from Atelier de Soyun on Etsy,  I decided to go back and see if she could make me a knitting needle case. She had some in her shop but I wanted something that would hold all my gak in one case. I sent Soyun a description of the supplies I had and some of my needles are F-A-T, some others are loooooong and I explained that I wanted to make sure they would all fit into a single case. I was so excited when she said it could easily be done. YES!

Well, I could not be more thrilled with this purchase.

My knitting needle case is perfect!  Yup... She nailed it. Every needle fits, even my F-A-T ones and long ones. She even added pockets for my shorter hat making needle sets as well as pockets for my circular needles. Every needle has its place and that makes my heart happy. I've got my needles all organized and ready for when I need them or when I travel.

While I was browsing her shop I noticed her lovely project bags so I also got myself one for my on the go days.  The project bag is so amazingly well crafted and has inside pockets for organizing my supplies and notions. It's the exact size I needed and holds enough yarn and supplies for projects on the go. I am particularly happy with the drawstring close for when I toss that bag in the backseat (come on, we've all done it then cried when the yarn spilled out). I am now ready for travel!

This is my third case from Soyun and I cannot recommend this shop high enough. How do you stay organized with your hooks, needles & notions? Share in the comments below.

July Project Pack Giveaway

Who loves summer projects? I know I do!

One of my favorite things to do in summer is pack up my project tote, grab a blanket and picnic on the front lawn with the dogs. Something about being at home and outside is the best of both worlds. With that in mind, we have put together quite the fabulous July Project Giveaway.

Check this out. You win ALL this:

Pattern & Yarn: One of my most popular designs is my Molly Four Way. It is perfect for transition from season to season. Wear it as a shawl, a scarf, a sarong or a wrap. Now you can make your own because you get the pattern AND the yarn to make it!

Mug: Of course you need fuel for your project so why not enjoy your coffee or tea in this awesome mug?  I start every day with a fresh cup (or pot) of coffee in one of my favorite fiber arts inspired mugs. Now you can have your own from Cluck Cluck Boots!

Project Tote: Well you are gonna need to carry your project around right? This AWESOME tote from That Darn Yarn Co. is so cool. It is bigger than most totes and what I love the most about mine is the long straps. That is a super cool feature.

Hook: We all have our favorite hooks and notions. Some of mine are from Clay Bean Co. Kelli even made me an awesome set of donuts stitch markers which I am madly in love with. You will get this ergonomic hook in the appropriate size to work up your new Molly Four Way.

Now THAT is a project pack! So enter below