Say Hello To Free Pattern Mondays!

Things grow. Things Change and, things come full circle.

These are things I am learning on this journey.

Stitch & Hustle is one of the most fabulous things I have ever done. Launching this blog was scary and exciting and has been a bit of both every step of the way since.  But after 2 years and bumps in the road, ups and downs, and discovering and witnessing some of the ugliest truths in the shadows of the maker community, I have realized it is time to shift.

I took some time to dig deep and ask: why am I here? I decided that no single person or group of people gets to decide if you are a maker. And no one group gets to decide who can make things. (Side note: Imagine how the grandmas of the world before the internet would react to that!?) It brought me back to that question I often pondered: Who Is A Maker?

I resolved to this:
This blog is here because I love to make things.
I love sharing that love.
I love Fiber Arts and all things fiber.

So I have decided it is time for Stitch & Hustle to make a turn and return to its roots. Return to my roots: The Fiber Arts and love for all things Fiber that first brought me here.

To celebrate this return to LOVE FOR FIBER and SHARE IT - Stitch & Hustle will be posting a new FREE Pattern every Monday at 9am Chicago time from now through Christmas 2018.


We all know Mondays can lag and drag ... so why not make sure to start the week right? My gift to you and help spread the love. So Check back to the Free Patterns Section every Monday morning to start your week with a fresh new pattern to create and make the week FIBER FABULOUS!

Share what you make on social media with the tag #stitchandhustle to be featured on our community page here

And get ready for some amazing patterns to keep you busy creating beautiful things right up to Christmas and we kick things off with the Cotton Helix Puff Stitch Hat!

And you can read more about the blog shift on our about page here.