Let's Check Out The Tunisian Crochet Hook Set From Knitter's Pride

I am so excited about this product review - and I am not even the one reviewing the products lol. My dear friend Natalie of Detroit Knots has been on a huge Tunisian Crochet kick lately and I have loved seeing her creations and stitches. So when it came time for us to do a review of the new Tunisian Ginger Set by Knitter’s Pride, I knew Natalie would be the best to let us know how they are. She shoots straight and her stitches are stunning. So let’s see what she thinks…

Take it away Natalie!


I first discovered tunisian crochet about two years ago and was immediately hooked. (No pun intended, but still funny.) My first set of tunisian crochet hooks were a generic, non-interchangeable set from Amazon. They worked fine but were limited in their ability to handle large projects. My first design was my Tunisian Curve Scarf, which isn’t massive, so the worked fine. I was searching for a new set that would allow me to design more Tunisian crochet products.



I was very excited when I was given the chance to try out the Knitter’s Pride Ginger Afghan/Tunisian Crochet Set. Let’s talk about this case! First, it’s gorgeous. This case is packed with features. Each hook has its own slot and although the smaller sizes may slip, the case can be closed on one side, using the toggles and straps, to keep them in place. Speaking of toggles and straps, you can use the longer ones to make the case stand up! This is super handy when using the pattern holder on the opposite side. Yes, a pattern holder. It’s a magnetic strip that holds your pattern in place. I love this feature as I always print my patterns when testing designs.


Now let’s talk about the hooks. The wood is down right sexy. It’s smooth and light with gorgeous grain. The set comes with 12 sizes that range from a 3.5mm to a 12mm. It has a whole host of accessories to go with them that store away in the pocket. There are four cords, with the longest being 32”. If you need a longer cord, it also comes with cord connectors. This is perfect for blankets. The connections are smooth and don’t snag my yarn or loosen. It took me a few tries to figure out the cord keys, but that became clear when I needed to remove one of the end caps. Apparently, I screwed it on too tight. The key helped me with leverage to remove it. The cords are thin and flexible, which I like. They virtually disappear while still holding the stitches.


If your looking for a new set, this is the one. I was not disappointed.