KnitCrate Bonanza Of Patterns

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I am so excited about this post, this collaboration and this whole month!!! I have had the incredible pleasure of working with KnitCrate as a sponsor of both Stitch Up Chicago and Stitch Up Brooklyn. Now, I have the pleasure of working with them on a month of designs and pattern to set you up for our transitional weather. It is a pattern extravaganza! For both Knitters AND Crocheters!


The theme of the month was PRISM and the colors are prismatic indeed! This month KnitCrate is offering an incredibly luxurious DK yarn that is so generous - It has 85% Merino Wool, 15% Silk, and 300 yards per skein! And the color choices are simply spectacular:
Enelightened, Beautyberry and Taupily

Being an architectural and math geek I went toward Structural prisms for inspiration and all SEVEN designs that are offered this month are inspired by the The Willis Tower in Chicago.

Something that is not widely known, but I think is incredibly awesome, is that the Willis Tower is made up of nine Prism mini structures that come together to create a single tower.

That got me thinking about layering things together to make up something else and how awesome the timing was for this collaboration to launch as we enter transition season... where layering is ON POINT!


In Chicago, where both I am and the Willis Tower is located, September is a crazy month. Some days can be 80 degree temps and the sun still blazing like the July afternoons and other days it is cool enough to give us a glimpse of sweater weather. I wanted to design pieces that would work for both of those situations.

The Tank Tops are the perfect base layer to any outfit. The knit Tower Tank and the crochet Lakefront Tank are ideal to wear under your favorite cardigan or on their own on those warm days. The In The Loop Tunic is the perfect loose tank style item that works up like a breeze.


Both the Ledge Beanie and the ICON Beanie are great for working up just the right beanie as we enter cozy season. They each take up under a single skein of the KnitCrate yarn and you can make a few with each box. I love how the Ledge Beanie has just a wee bit of slouch but still wears as a classic beanie, while the ICON beanie has more of a slouch like modern beanies.


The Skydeck Vest and the Signal Vest are both designed to be cascading vests with drape and that perfect additional layer. They are also great to add a pop of color to any outfit. Both are constructed side to side so whether you knit or crochet you are able to create that perfect drape.

So whatever your layering plans are - we’ve got a pattern for you in this special collaborative collection. I cannot wait to see what you all create!