The Pixie Girl Hooded Scarf

I just added my new Pixie Hooded Scarf pattern to my Etsy Pattern Shop & on Craftsy.  

This is a fabulous pattern that I designed it for beginner crocheters who want to expand with trim and options, such as adding pockets and a pom pom.  When I was starting out it was hard to find patterns that expanded on the basics without jumping right over the deep end into intricate crochet. I wanted to design something to meet those needs in design elements.

The scarf hangs to just below the waist and even when wrapped you can access the pockets to keep your hands warm.

The design and structure itself is simplistic in that the yarn itself becomes the star. In this sample, my pattern tester Frenchie, chose a gorgeous variegated yarn for her primary color and a contrast color that pops.

So grab som fabulous fun yarn and let your inner pixie free with this fun new pattern.