A Shawl Of A New Shape

A Shawl Of A New Shape

Since going home to NYC for Vogue Knitting Live in January and then again in April to visit friends and celebrate my birthday, well, I have had my inspiration by architecture reignited. It got me thinking about my crochet design work and it inspired me to present a collection of Shawls Of A New Shape for 2018.

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The Photo Finish: Tips For Better Maker Photography - Photography is Light

The Photo Finish: Tips For Better Maker Photography - Photography is Light

Tips for better photos of your fiber creations. This week: I invite you to think about how you use light and how you can use light to take better photographs.  More importantly, I invite you to use your camera, whichever one you have, to see how your camera uses lights to create images.

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Say Hello To Free Pattern Mondays!

Say Hello To Free Pattern Mondays!

We all know Mondays can lag and drag ... so why not make sure to start the week right? My gift to you and help spread the fiber love. So Check back to the Free Patterns Section every Monday morning to start your week with a fresh new pattern to create and make the week FIBER FABULOUS!

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Travel Season Is Upon Us... Grab Your Fiber & Let's Go!

Travel Season Is Upon Us... Grab Your Fiber & Let's Go!

Summer travel season is almost here. Road trips. Plane trips. Hiking and biking and all the good stuff. It is no secret that I bring my yarn EVERYWHERE. Seeing me at the airport with yarn in hand is a shock to no-one! Here are some fiber friendly travel tips. Never leave your yarn at home.

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Mama Makers Are a Special Type of Maker

I don't have kids. I have poodles. Just how God designed my life. And knowing how busy my days are, I am constantly amazed at the Maker mama's I meet who seem to have super powers to do it all. 

My friend Stephanie of Triple Knot Studio constantly impresses me.  She is the dynamo of Mama Makers. She has 3 tiny humans, who I love and adore, a job as a scientist and still manages to make beautiful things, run her small business and be an amazing friend. It is why on the Mother's Day I am extremely excited that we have launched Stephanie's Summer Vest Kit.

Stitch Up chicago18-047.jpg

Another Mama Maker I adore is Kathryn of The Stitch & Hook. I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Kathryn and teaching her how to knit when she came to Stitch Up Chicago this year.

Getting to know Kathryn has been fabulous and feeding into her creative journey is such a gift for me. But the real gift is her Maker mama story. I invited Kathryn to share with us, to celebrate Mother's Day. And here's to all you Maker Mama's out there. You are so special!!!

The day begins at 6 am. As the alarm buzzes, and I open my groggy eyes, I spy the growing pile of crochet and knit projects that need to be worked on.

I need to get that sweater finished before the baby wakes up. And this blanket needs to go out by the end of the week. I’m already behind on that pattern deadline. And don’t forget this dress that needs to be completed by next week…

Coffee in hand, I make my way to my craft space and begin working on the last sleeve of the sweater that was supposed to have been finished two days ago. I am determined to at least finish this project before my toddler wakes up.


I settle in, take a few sips of coffee, and get started.

Suddenly, as if on cue, a howl rises from the next room. “Mamaaaaa!” My heart stops. My eyes widen. “What?! NO!” I silently scream to myself. “He’s not supposed to be up for another hour! I only got 3 rows done! I need more time! Whyyy?!”

“Mamaaaaa….” The wail continues in the next room. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, say a prayer for patience, and put down the unfinished sleeve. I take off my Maker Hat and replace it with my Mama Hat, and head into the next room to start the day with my toddler, hoping that today he might take an afternoon nap, and praying that I might be able to finish that sweater before dinner time… but knowing full well that I’ll probably just be up until after midnight again, trying to play catch-up.

Welcome to the life of this Maker Mama.


Life is full of tightropes we have to walk – at work, at home, in relationships. And perhaps no one knows this better than Mamas.

A Mama’s job is a full-time, nights-and-weekends, always-on-call kind of job. Mamas don’t usually {ever?} get to call in sick. You won’t find these synonyms in the thesaurus, but any Mama can tell you that other job titles that can be used in place of “Mama” include:

- “cafeteria lady”

- “janitor”

- “mediator”

- “professional cheerleader”

- “event coordinator”

- “caterer”

- “chief inspector”

- “head chef”

- “nurse”

- “pharmacist”

… You get the point …


So when a Mama adds a side hustle to her plate, like a little maker business, it really is a “hustle”. It means less sleep and more juggling; less down-time and more tight-rope walking. It means having more ideas than time allows. It means almost never being “all caught up”. And it means working double-time just to stay in the game.

So Mamas, how do we to try to stay sane when we are feeling overwhelmed by being a Mama and a Maker? Here are a few things I try to remember to do:

1. Stay in Community

It is so important to be surrounded by people who are like you – who struggle with the same things you do. Nothing helps that crippling burden of loneliness like hearing someone else talking about the exact.same.struggle. When you find out that you are not alone in whatever it is that you may be struggling with, you can learn to laugh about the struggle instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.


2. Stay away from Social media when it gets too overwhelming

I love how huge the maker community is online. I love that there are a million people out there doing the same nerdy thing that I am doing, and that we get to share our creations with each other. But sometimes I just have to put the blinders on. Sometimes I have to just focus on myself, my capabilities, and my little successes. I have to stop comparing my feed to other amazing Instagram or Facebook feeds. I have to see myself for what I am worth, and not in comparison to anyone else.

3. Be Fully Present

Sometimes I can wear all the hats all at once. I can be a totally awesome mama and a super productive maker at the same time. But most of the time, I can only do one thing at a time. And that means putting away the hooks and the needles and the yarn and being completely present with my 2 year old as he uses his newest toy to destroy my flowers beds. Then, when I get to return to my craft after my child is in bed (or at least contained in his jail cell of a crib), I can return 100% with a renewed purpose and energy and be totally present with my craft.

Whatever you are doing to make it all work, know that you are doing your best, and that your best is all you can do in this season of life right now. Know that behind many of those gorgeously curated Instagram pages you admire is another mama who has also been pulling her hair out trying to simultaneously take the photo AND keep grubby hands from messing up that perfectly posed set-up.

As one of my favorite crochet/knitwear designers and mamas, Justyna from @ladyjaycrochet, posted a few months ago: “No matter what stage of life you are in, give yourself grace. It’s called #slowfashion for a reason.”

So here’s to all the Maker Mama’s out there, hustling and walking tight-ropes. You’ve got this. We’ve got you. And you are not alone in the struggle.



I’ll leave you with one last quote that my own mama told me constantly while growing up:

“Do your best,

And leave the rest,

It will all come right,

Some day or night”

-Black Beauty

Get Ready For Summer With The Summer Vest Kit!

I am so excited about this next Kit Shop exclusive collaboration that I can hardly find words. This is really a tale of two Stephanie's and a creative dream.

You know how sometimes you meet people and it is instant connection, inspiration and creativity abound? Well i have been fortunate enough to have that happen a few times and it is such magic. Then when you get to bring some of those relationships together for a collaboration - well then it is purely spectacular! This is one of those magical moments.

vest edit IMG_9075.jpg

Stephanie of Triple Knot Studio has been my crafty friend for a few years now. We met on Instagram and a long lasting friendship quickly formed. It is funny how that can happen and I love it. We have had the chance to hang out many times when she came to Stitch Up Chicago and it is so much fun when we get together. So when she had an idea to design a Summer Vest lightweight cover up I was so excited and all about it!

Bring in yarn dyer extraordinaire and Stephanie number TOO....

So when Stephanie and I were thinking about what yarn would make for a fun Summer Vest I immediately thought of another Stephanie, the brilliant Stephanie behind Asylum Fibers. I met Stephanie when I went to Vogue Knit Live in NYC and it was an INSTANT connection. I was in love with her wit, her humor and her creativity. She came to my big birthday celebration in NYC last month and I KNEW I wanted to collaborate with her. I HAD TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! And we DID!

Stephanie creates Asylum Fiber colorways that make me want to make all the things. So I knew it was perfect for the Summer Vest collaboration and the tale of two Stephanies in an email thread was born.

Summer Vest Crochet Kit-6.jpg

Once we got going it all came together so fast and I loved working with Stephanie of Triple Knot Studio on her first garment design. Bringing her idea to life was challenging and fun and all the things you want it to be when taking on a project like this. On a personal note, it was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever been part of.

There were late nights. Long emails. Tears. So. Many. Tears. Working with Stephanie, such a good friend, on her first garment design really was an experience I will cherish forever.  It is what this blog is about - feeding into the creativity of others. And to have the chance to help feed into the creativity of someone I care so deeply about was a gift in and of itself. OK... back to this AMAZING VEST.....

The Summer Vest is the perfect accessory to your summer wardrobe. It is ideal for over a swimsuit or to dress up a tank top for a night out. This one item will be all you need to pack for vacation to hit all the notes. It works up super fast and has a great pattern stitch for beginners.

In the Limited Edition Kit you get all you need to make this vest: The pattern, stitch-work chart, custom hand dyed fiber from Asylum Fibers, hook and a special handmade project bag. Or you can get the pattern and make one in the color of your choice from Asylum Fibers

We are so excited to feature this collaboration in the Stitch & Hustle Kit Shop!!! Can't wait to see all your summer vests!


What's A Maker? I AM!

What's A Maker? I AM!

What defines being a Maker? How do we define ourselves? These are simple yet not so simple questions. For over a year or two since I first started hearing about the "Maker Community" shortly after joining Instagram, I was just so uncomfortable with it. I am not even sure why. Maybe because it felt exclusive rather than inclusive. Maybe because it felt limiting. But I AM A MAKER and you are too!

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Replenish. Recharge. Restore. Because Self Care Matters

I am so incredibly humbled and grateful and blown away by 2018 already. It has been non stop since day ONE and every minute has been more than I could have imagined. Opportunities I had only dreamed about coming my way. Collaborations. Travel. Relationships. It is all so fantastic and yes, a little overwhelming. And a LOT humbling. It is not lost on me that I get to do what I love every single day. I get to truly CREATE and live an inspired creative life.

But... in such awesomeness of my passion becoming my paycheck, it is quite easy to forget to take care of myself. I am sure you know what I mean. We get so excited over a new design that we stay up until 3am, or all night at times working on it because we have that creative buzz. Going from one event to the next and non stop energy abound. For me, it is even more taxing because events take all I have to give. being an introvert by nature and completely socially awkward, when I go to events I need a few recovery days after.

This year, last week, I did something I have never ever done: I went on vacation!

What? You have never been on vacation?, you say. Nope! NEVER!

I have traveled for work and since I love my job and loved my old job it felt like fun, it was not vacation. I have added an extra "fun day" to work trips to great places, but not taken that time off to be on vacation or replenish. Last week, I did just that. I went on VACATION!

I went to the beautiful Fontainebleua Resort in Miami and can I tell you that it was just what I needed. In fact, I did not know how much I needed it until I got there. I had, being who I am, packed a few projects and planned to write some pattern notes and emails while resting on the beach. But when we got there, my husband and I looked at each other and almost simultaneously we each said: what if we do NOTHING for the week. It was GENIUS!

And so that is what we did: NOTHING for 6 glorious days.

Miami vacay- day two-37.jpg

We took our cue from the sign at the Lapis Spa: no cameras. no cell phones and for most of the time that was our mantra. When we went to dinner we did not take our phones out. When we went to the beach we did not always take our phones with us at all. I popped on social for a few minutes to share the good vibes but the truth is I mostly disconnected. We made NO PLANS. We had no rules.

We ate when we wanted to eat and not to fit into our schedule. We lounged when we wanted to lounge and one day even slept until 10 AM! It was fantastic!


We had deep belly laughs, Goofy moments and the truth is that the few times we tried to capture it on camera it was blurry because we were laughing so much. And we did not care. no need to "pose" and "recreate" for the camera. Blurry was perfect in that moment.

There was a freedom in each moment. We decided one night at 10 pm to go for a walk to get gelato. None of the "oh it's too late" or "that is too sweet for this hour". Nope. We just got up and went for gelato! And it was in fact the best dang gelato I have ever had!

Sure we captured a few moments here and there but it was not the focus. And it was not a task. We snapped a pic and laughed and moved on. No filters. No checking the light. No "retouching" to share. Just a few memories for us to have.

And yes, while I left the work I planned on doing in our suite, I did have one project with me that I took to the beach or the pool to work on. But it was different. It felt different. I wasn't pressured by design deadline. I had no pace to keep and just stitched for the joy of stitching. I crocheted for the joy of making. And I put it down when I want to just rest on the sand or swim in the pool.

And upon return home it did not feel like it flew by. It felt just perfect. I am so grateful that God allowed me to be present and shut out the world and truly recharge.

It occurred to me after we got home that I did not feel guilty once on this trip. Not one moment of "I should be doing this" or "I should check my email" or "I need to finish this class outline". Nope. None of the "I gotta post on social media to be relevant" or I need to keep the machine going" or "what if I miss this or that". Nope. Nary a care of any of it.

None of that guilt of what I should be doing and all of the living present in what we were doing at that moment. I also did not "dread" the stack of work when I came home.

It was as if the week of magic served its purpose to remind me to stop down, replenish and reconnect with gratitude for the work we do.

This was in fact my first ever vacation but won't be my last. My husband and I have made an agreement to do this more. How often? Who knows. Where will we go? Nope, dont know that either. Maybe back to the place that gave us the gift of replenishing. Maybe a new place. But the point is that now that I / we know the importance of this act and this time to restore we will not let it go so long before doing it again.

In the dictionary; "Replenish" is a verb and means to fill up again. To re-fill. How can we go through life always giving of ourselves and even in our work if we do not stop down and take time to RE-FILL! If you need a refill or a recharge - I encourage you to step back and take it. That business idea, that design, that yarn, that thing whatever it is will be there when you get back. And you will be better ready and able to thrive when you get back to it!

A Crochet Sweater Pattern Worthy of the Drama of Mary Shelley!

The best thing about launching the Stitch & Hustle Kit Shop is that I get to work with and be inspired by so many makers and designers every day. It is the awesome circle of creative energy that feeds and drives more creativity. It's the good stuff.


One gal who constantly inspires me and who has just dropped the latest Stitch & Hustle Exclusive design is Katie of The Queen Stitch. Oh yes, we have featured her many times because she is in fact... um... AWESOMENESS. I knew I wanted to add a sweater to our collective and Katie came up with a masterpiece. The Mary Shelley Sweater.

Read on and she will tell you all about it and you can get the exclusive pattern here.

The inspiration for the Mary Shelley sweater came from the streets of New York City, literally. The silhouette of this sweater came from a piece of graffiti in the LES by Bradley Theodore called "Pineapple Heads".

PineApple Heads by Bradley Theodore

 It seemed out there, dramatic, playful and fun - all things The Queen Stitch brand is built on, and pursues! I am always inspired by textures and shapes around me, and I love a challenge. I wanted to see if I could turn this piece of street art into wearable art (you can be the judge of that).

The sweater couldn't have happened without the support of Stitch & Hustle and them providing me with the awesome Wool and the Gang Feeling Good Yarn.


The design features a high Victorian neckline, and is created using primarily shell stitch - hence the name "Mary Shelley" (though lit snobs will tell me she was technically of the Gothic era - I hope you'll all give me creative license to utilize the shell pun!)


This sweater design challenges conventions with it's vertical stitching to create reach-out-and-touch-it texture. I hope you love it!

Get Ready For Spring With These Fun Projects!

Man depending on where you live you could be like me and just wishing Spring would in fact Spring already. At 3:15 Pm today, April 15th, my phone alerts me to "Light Snow Starting Soon" from my weather app. I mean come on already! I love winter cozy season, and it pays my bills. I love to play in the snow and go snowboarding (though I may not be great at it). But even with all my winter loving vibes I am ready for Spring to SPRING!

So I am playing Spring in my mind and rounded up some fun free Spring Patterns from fellow bloggers to get us ready and in the mood because I hope that any day now the clouds will part and the temps will rise and Spring will be here. So cozy up and lets dream of spring.